Gila Bend Natural Resource Conservation District

Locally led, conservation of our natural resources for future generations

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Who We Are

Conservation Districts are local units of government which are given a broad mandate to provide for the conservation and restoration of lands, water, wildlife, and other natural resources; to protect water rights; protect the tax base; to protect public lands; and to protect the general health and welfare of the people.

Leadership Team

Tyson Stuhr, Chairman

Mark Skousen, Vice Chairman

Ella Pierpoint, Sec’y-Treasurer

Gary John, Supervisor

Roy Pierpoint, Supervisor

Rayanne Leister, Clerk



Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Gila Bend Natural Resource Conservation District Board is to implement activities that will provide for the restoration and conservation of land and soil resources, and wildlife habitat within our District.

District Goal:

To inventory all of our local resources and challenges, including water use, flood control, groundwater, pollution, urban sprawl onto prime farmland, wildlife habitat, invasive plant species, and conservation education.  The District will endeavor to partner with other governmental and Gila Bend non-governmental agencies to achieve these goals

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Conservation Practices on the Ground

  • Improved Irrigation Management and Efficiencies

  • Soil Conservation

  • Protecting Groundwater Resources

  • Rural and Urban Conservation Education

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Primary Resource Concerns

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Primary Resource Concerns

  • Water Availability/Quantity/Quality

  • Soil Erosion

  • Best Management Practices

  • Educational Programs


PM 10 Permit Record

Download Annual PM 10 Form

Air quality regulation for agriculture requires farmers, nurserymen, and dairymen in certain parts of Maricopa, Pinal, and Yuma Counties to implement Best Management Practices to reduce particulate emissions, also known as PM 10s, from cropland and non-cropland areas.  Dairies within designated areas are also included.  An agricultural Best Management Practice (BMP) is a practical, economical and feasible technique to reduce particulate matter, primarily dust, produced during agricultural activities.
In 2008, the Non-attainment area of Maricopa County was expanded to include Area A by the AZ Department of Environmental Quality for crop operations. The southern boundary for Area A extends into our Natural Resource Conservation District and includes the farms along Old Hwy 80 north of Fornes Road (T4S, R5W to T4S, R1E).  The western boundary is 355th Avenue.
The farms within the Non-Attainment Area and Area A are required by the AZ Department of Environmental Quality to fill out a “Agricultural Best Management Practices General Permit Record.”  Dairies should fill out a Maricopa County Dairy Agricultural Best Management Practices General Permit for Pinal County” or a “Serious PM10 Nonattainment Area” permit record.  This document is to be kept on file in the farm or dairy’s business office. 
A map of the PM 10 Non-attainment Area and Area A and the general permits for agriculture are available in PDF printable form on the AZ Department of Agriculture website under Environmental Services, in the search box enter “air quality,” and then click on “Air Quality-Ag PM 10 Best Management Practices.”


NRCD Cooperative Agreement Form

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Other Accomplishments

1)  Plans have been approved to partner once again with the Town of Gila Bend in a xeriscape (low water use plants) beautification project for Pima Street (Hwy 85).
2)  The Gila Bend NRCD continues to look for support to eradicate salt cedars, an invasive plant that has taken hold in the state’s waterways.


Contact Us

Gila Bend Natural Resource Conservation District

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